Brushes for the industry

  From road cleaning to cleaning industrial floors, from concrete to livestock production – our deep knowledge of customer requirements helps us to create flexible solutions tailored to each individual application. We are aware of the fact that every machine is as good as its brush.

  For the best results, we develop perfect systems for every cooperative application with machine and vehicle manufacturers.

Roller brush

  Our portfolio includes a wide range of different types of brushes for cleaning large surfaces. This may include brushes with a soft plastic brush for cleaning dust or hard metal brushes to clean crushed material from construction sites – our brushes are ideally suited to the application and type of machine used.

Front roller brush

  The front roller brush is primarily used to “throw” debris into the machine containers. The arrangement and thickness of the brush hair are decisive factors for achieving optimal cleaning. Roller brushes can be precisely tailored for each machine type and model.

Round brushes

  Round brushes are designed for use in extreme conditions on rugged surfaces. They are usually equipped with flat metal fibers that are capable of removing persistent and dry stains on streets. Depending on the application, brushes with a plastic hair or a combination of a plastic hair and a flat metal fiber may be provided.

Ring brushes

  Ring brushes have a long service life. We offer ideal solutions according to the application as a classic line (straight hair), a wave line and a snow line.

Brushes for removing herbaceous plants

  Brushes outweigh the other technologies to remove plants without herbal properties. Bundles of flat metal fibers, bundles of entangled steel fibers for a large stripping effect, or bundles of nylon fibers are used to gently remove. We offer great solutions for each application.

Brushes for snow cleaning

  Mechanical snow cleaning is very effective and affects much more environmentally friendly than chemical snow cleaning. The combination of materials and their roller arrangement are specially designed for high speeds, humidity and high temperature.

Brushes for cleaning mattins

  Road screens should be cleaned to ensure road safety. The brushes are specially designed to clean flawlessly without leaving drains on the shades.