Circular brushes

Universal brushes

Universal brushes for machines larger than 5 m³


  • Flat conductor ∅ 3,3 x 0,6 mm
  • Ideal for cleaning large areas
  • Universal brushes for machines smaller than 5 m³ – Flat wire 2.8 mm

Universal brushes – universal mixed


  • For machines less than 5 m³
  • Aggressive mixture of flat wire and flexible plastic fibers
  • For almost all paved areas – perfect for pedestrian zones

Round brush “Silent”

  • Wire made of wire mesh with plastic coating
  • Reduced operating noise compared to conventional circular brushes – up to 20% reduction

Round brush “Light”

  • For moderate amounts of dirt
  • Blue plastic fibers, PPN 2 x 3 mm or finer
  • Particularly smooth cleaning, for example from historic cobblestone stones

Round brush “Smooth”

  • Effective cleaning proposal – round brush “Smooth”

Fine dust

  • White plastic bristles, PPN 2 x 3 mm or finer
  • Smooth cleaning, eg. of historic cobble stones

Mounting plate and beam

  • Flexible installation – either with plastic and / or flat wire
  • Excellent cleaning efficiency caused by “pen effect”

Plastic brushes

  • Special fibers – ideal for zones with equivalent zones
  • (eg At airports where flat wire can not be used)


PlugLock Weed Brush ® 22

  • Full of wire ropes
  • Requires a specially prepared cleaning device
  • Suspension must be prepared for brooms

Brushes for each machine

  • We offer brushes for each cleaning machine.
  • It is possible to adapt all our brushes to your requirements.