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Safe, durable, healthy and economical, PHILIPP ropes are used everywhere:

When special tasks are required and the highest requirements are placed on materials and safety. PHILIPP’s special wire ropes are different from conventional standard ropes due to their greater destructive load, greater flexibility and longer service life for their particular application.


We offer the most diverse special ropes and connecting technologies for the construction industry, the marine industry and the heavy industry.


As a competent partner in lifting equipment, we offer you a complete product range for lifting and transporting your loads. Premium and standard quality products characterize our assortment. We offer a variety of lifting slings for your individual requirements.


The RUD ICE lifting program: Modular module with hinged heads, connecting elements and many other components.
Fastening chains with a compact spindle or ratchet chain tensioner.
Chain accessories (suspension heads, corners for edge protection and chains, connecting components, shortening grip, hooks and brackets.