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BGHIM” Ltd. offers a wide variety of intelligent solutions for lifting and installation of large concrete and construction elements.

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  The products are produced by PHILIPP Group, a company established as a leader in the field of transport and assembly systems and lifting technology. The German company has over 35 years of experience in manufacturing these systems. The quality and security of products are guaranteed by a certificate issued, subject to constant checks and test procedures.

Anchor with threaded head


  • Suitable for any application, as the anchor is divided into 12 load levels
  • Maximum load: 20 tons
  • You can bet on the front or side
  • Due to its thin dimensions, the anchor is suitable for very thin walls (eg garage walls)
  • Lack of protruding parts of the anchor outside the concrete element
  • Small holes in the element can easily be covered with a special steel cap

Gewinde anker 2

Lifting elements for threaded anchors


  • Lifting elements according to your requirements
  • Suitable for different application areas
  • Easy and safe installation of the lifting elements
  • Easy rotation at load, which ensures optimal chain disconnection
  • Flexible applications such as transportation of walls, panels and containers


Power System SL

  • Higher level of safety due to the anchor thread
  • Simplified form
  • Smaller dimensions of concrete elements
  • One lifting element for all loading directions
  • Different load capacity for different wall thicknesses according to anchor size



Buckles for embedding


  • Perfect solution for extremely heavy and massive elements like columns, frames, bridge beams
  • 14 load levels with a maximum capacity of 25 tons, special solutions up to 100 tons to order
  • Installation without additional tools
  • No special lifting elements are required
  • It consists of a knit rope with high strength and good flexibility
  • Suitable for axial and diagonal lifting


Power Box и Power Duo systems

Power box 2

  • Flexible hooks made of braided rope allow the installation of walls and columns in complex structures such as corner joints, T-joints or walls between columns
  • Strength: Up to 80 kN/m
  • Suitable for walls with a thickness of 14 cm upwards
  • Load capacity values ​​up to 30 cm thick
  • Perfect for pre-fabrications



Power box 1

Power Box system

Power Duo system

Power Duo system – option 2

System for sandwich panels

Sandwich 2

  • Approved system for bonding the front layer and the sandwich panels
  • All parts of the system are made of stainless steel
  • Fast and easy placement
  • Simplified form

Sandwich 1

Sandwich panel anchor system

Fixing system

Cast-in channesls 2

  • Built-in channels
  • Large set of channels
  • Easy placement
  • Safe and easy fix
  • Locks for fixation
  • High performance system for all fixings
  • Four different types cover multiple mounting situations
  • They save time due to pre-planned fix points

Cast-in channesls 1

Noise reduction system

Noise reduction 2

  • Noise reduction system with a structural standard approved by LGA Würzburg
  • Suitable for all types of staircases due to different threaded anchors
  • Tested distances for mounting up to 80 mm
  • Better noise reduction than the requirements laid down in German Standard DIN 4109, p. 2

Noise reduction 1

Noise reduction system

KH system

KH 3

  • The locking element, suitable for threads M / RD12-24, creates a hole Ø27mm
  • The locking element, suitable for threads M / RD30-42, creates a hole Ø48mm
  • Caps made of plastic and stainless steel to cover the holes

KH 1

Anchor head system

Spherical head 2

    • The anchors are divided into 10 different load levels
    • Maximum capacity: 32 tons
    • Numerous applications
    • They can be used for axial, diagonal or lateral lifting
    • Simply anchoring the anchor with the lifting element simply and safely
    • Lack of protruding parts of the concrete element
    • Reusable lifting element

Spherical head 1

Anker with a round head

Head Anchor – Option 2

Head Anchor – Option 3

Anchor system with holes

hole anchor 2

  • Divided into 5 load levels
  • Maximum load capacity: 22 tons
  • Many different types of anchors for different applications


hole anchor 1

Light anchors for concrete and plaster

Light weight 2

  • Maximum load: 4 tons
  • Suitable for joints in the plaster due to its thin form


Light weight 1


Earthing 2

  • Earthing of concrete elements located near high voltage power grids
  • Easy grounding of the grounding cable

Earthing 1

Joint system

Mount 2

  • Fast and safe connection
  • Suitable for your requirements due to the 7 different sizes of threads: from M16 to M42
  • No need for additional welding of the connection



 Mount 1



Anchor system for garage cells

Anchor system for turning and transporting concrete pots