Funnels and sleeves

Truckflex® seamless sleeve


  A double layer sleeve with a sheath resistant outer layer and a wear-resistant inner layer.

The sleeve is produced without any stitches and weak spots, with very good flexibility and elasticity.

Classic sleeves for the screws and scales of the concrete assemblies

Diameter and length to order

Cylindrical and conical models

Flexible – Easy to fit with size differences

It retains its shape throughout its life

Resistant to chemicals and shuttering oils

Funnels for concrete nodes

The Hawiflex® cone-shaped funnel enclosure is supplied as pre-fabricated in centric design under manufacturing conditions. Non-sticking properties provide a noticeably shorter cleaning time.

      When there is a one-sided or two-sided pouring of the concrete, the hopper can be rotated at 90 ° and 180 ° in time, respectively, to extend its lifetime 2-3 times.