BGHIM Ltd. offers to its customers concrete mixer sheaths. The only information we need is the official documentation with the original numbers of the component parts. 

Hawiguss 450

    Hawiguss’ wear-resistant concrete mixers completely complement our Hawiflex® product range for extreme loads created by adding crushed or basalt fractions.

     In terms of a special heat treatment, the Hawiguss 450 structure becomes homogeneous, which results in a high degree of hardness and long service life.

Hawiguss 410

  Our classic proposal for your mixer. Hawiguss 410 is a traditional casting designed for bottom and side sheathing of concrete mixers. It has a very long service life under extreme conditions due to a chrome cast iron chrome-nickel casting.

Our extensive program offers:


  • Approximately 470-520 HB (Brinell Hardness)
  • Approximately 48-52 HRC (Rockwell Treated)

and thickness of the material

  • 15 + 2 mm for bottom and side lining

Advantages of Hawiguss:

  • Uniform hardening throughout the operation
  • Even wear of the entire profile
  • Easy to carry because of their small size
  • 4-5 longer life than St.60, in the case of a fraction content in the concrete between 70% -90%


   In cases where you do not have the necessary technical documentation or you require individual work of your choice we will take the dimensions of your cladding and we will make it from wear-resistant sheet material.