Palletiser clamps and protectors

Protector for concrete forklift trucks


    As a prefabricated part, this tread is extremely cost-effective and versatile. Placing and removing it is really easy.



  • No damage and paint residue on the concrete pipes
  • Increases transport safety
  • Individually replaceable
  • They can be screwed or welded, depending on the mounting bracket

Knobs made by Hawiflex® are available for packing and repositioning machines such as forklift trucks, palletizers in manufacturing plants and more.



  • The very good grip really spans you time: You do not need Stones and pallets to engage completely horizontally.
  • Reduces staffing and maintenance costs: The material does not become fragile over time and offers a much longer service life compared to the tire.
  • Prevents material damage and abrasion residues, as opposed to where tires are used.