Products from polyurethane

Polyurethane sheets

  The most cost-effective way to reduce the cost of wear protection is sails made from wear-resistant polyurethane. The canvas is extremely flexible and can easily be cut into the application-ready form and placed. The applications are numerous:

It has the ability to reduce noise and, as an anti-wear coating, protects funnels, cones, bunkers, silos, mixers, stumps, buckets, trolleys, walls, floors, cargo equipment … in industries such as glass, recycling, materials, sand and stone extraction, and the concrete industry.

  Perforated metal embedded in the sails ensures exceptionally easy fitting, bolts are used and reduces stretching or shrinkage to a minimum. The rigid sail design reduces the need for expensive structures and skeletons to maintain the shape, and instead cheaper frames can be used. Easy canvas can be sized and punched in place.

  These canvas can easily be fitted with conventional screws. Compared to perforated metal embossed sheets, expanded metal sheets can be optimally mounted on the appropriate geometry. Expandable metal sheets are perfectly used as wear protection for conical and round components. In the extraction of inert materials, the sails are used as lining of lifting and transporting buckets and many others.

  The separating layer provides a perfect bond between the sheets and the surfaces on which they are mounted. It also makes replacing worn sails easier with new ones. On the thin remaining layer, you can easily fit the new sheets without complicated procedures and surface treatment.


Exceptional flexibility

Very good sliding feature

Excellent non-stick features

Reduces noise

Facilitates the cleaning process